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// Common is a collection of common packages that are shared between projects.
// This allows for cleaner code usage within Eckler and also reduces dependency
// bloat when using external dependencies.
package common
package sets
//Strings represents a set of strings
type Strings struct {
data map[string]bool
//NewStrings initializes a new set of strings
func NewStrings(initialValues ...string) *Strings {
data := make(map[string]bool)
for _, v := range initialValues {
data[v] = true
return &Strings{
data: data,
//Add will add one or more values to the set
func (ss *Strings) Add(values ...string) {
for _, v := range values {[v] = true
//Cardinality will return the number of unique elements in the set
func (ss *Strings) Cardinality() int {
return len(
//Contains will determine if the string provided exists in the set
func (ss *Strings) Contains(value string) bool {
v, ok :=[value]
return ok && v
//Intersect will return a new set with only the values found in both sets
func (ss *Strings) Intersect(ss2 *Strings) *Strings {
src, dest := ss, ss2
if len( > len( {
src, dest = ss2, ss
results := make(map[string]bool)
for v := range {
if dest.Contains(v) {
results[v] = true
return &Strings{
data: results,
package sets
import (
func TestStrings(t *testing.T) {
s := NewStrings()
require.Equal(t, 2, s.Cardinality())
require.True(t, s.Contains("B"))
require.False(t, s.Contains("C"))
s2 := NewStrings()
s3 := s.Intersect(s2)
require.Equal(t, 1, s3.Cardinality())
require.True(t, s3.Contains("B"))
require.False(t, s3.Contains("A"))
require.False(t, s3.Contains("C"))
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