Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • statedoing
    The issue is assigned and be activitly worked on, the issue should have a due date assigned to it.
  • stateon-hold
    The issue is on hold, there should be a reason in the comments of the issue.
  • stateto-do
    The issue is priortized to be worked on in the immediate future but has not been started.
  • typebug
    The issue is related to a bug in the project to be resolved.
  • typecritical-bug
    This is a critical bug that requires higher priority to be resolved.
  • typediscussion
    This issue is being used to discuss some aspects of the project that could be useful for other members.
  • typeenhancement
    These are improvements to existing features.
  • typemaintenance
    This represents a task that is considered routine support for the project.
  • typenew-feature
    This is a new feature to be added to a project.
  • typequestion
    The issue is a question a team member has about the project or in general. This can be used as documentation by other members.
  • typetechnical-debt
    These are tasks that represent known work to improve the project due to technical debt that is being accepted for the time being.
  • waitingapproval
    Approval from a person not a member of the project is required and must be documented. Usually with a screenshot.
  • waitingmore-details
    Information is needed to progress the work further